grueling and worthless

by Terminator 2

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recorded easter 2013 at the nike missile base, denton, tx


released May 13, 2014

justin lemons, recordist
greg dixon, asst engineer
matt barnhart, mix master




Terminator 2 Denton, Texas

The sound of the Human Machine shutting down forever. Sludge filled brutality.
Noisy Doom Sludge from Denton TX

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Track Name: Any Praise
Goat’s horn grows into a spiral. The angle is too sharp. It enters pierced through the jaw. This domestic animal is sure to falter. Blood spilled in part due to failings of his master in charge. Neglected. For the quality of breed can kill him. Fool’s golden mean; mortal coil. Risus sardonicus. Fingernails ingrown of a sadhu. Atrophied limbs, anesthetic. Trial of life is a penance and the ashes of the dead as cosmetics. Perfectly closed ouroborus. Temple of the child molester. Dead end taken out by genetics. Perfectly closed, complete. Pray to god. He won’t give you any. The life of the few in the dreams of the many. Just accept the gifts that you’re given. Don’t raise your voice to ask any questions. In due time the crumbs on the table will multiply enough to feed the faithful a square meal in this life or another. Maybe the next is blessed by the mother forever. I never wanted any praise. Ever. However, if you ever wanted any praise ever I’ll never. Dog bite and the nail in the foot. Spasms strangle all of his life. The body kills the body itself. Flesh infected by the bite. Smile. Afraid of water. Self slaughter. Our father who designed please remind us if you ever praise any failures in the eyes of the lord. Measured by the size of their sword. Bite back, attack twice as hard. Undefeated by the word. If you ever wanted any praise ever I’ll never praise anybody ever. Cold-blooded forever.
Track Name: Suppress
Setting sun listen again. Silent outward shell please stop. I’m on top. Everyone below give life to me. And the energy absorbed. Abstaining, sins absolved. Suppress the headache. Break the weak. I’m on top. Everyone below give life to me. And the energy of the universe of the scientist and the miracle of the nucleus. The discovery of another cross of jesus christ in the holocaust in an open grave in the lithosphere. We all disappear like a hologram. The reality of the universe is too diverse. Kill the stupid first.
Track Name: Aim
Silent master speaks. Language is introduced written to understand by no one except the priest . secret tenets lead laymen to believe the way I am alive the planting of a seed season. Letters are obscured. Virgin isn’t pure. Pale as the angel’s color. Ghost of the holy choir. 666. Everyone help. Come join in. all is well. Frequencies of the planet. Sonor image of earth. Structure of the surface tell us the hidden truth. All clues. Ancient lair of satan deep inside conspiring. Immediate man’s demise. Horsemen all arrive for us. Audience held captive by robots equipped with antennae tuning the radio signal frequencies of the planet. Reused. 666. Everyone help. Come join in. take my hand. The message is never stated. The motive is never apparent. The pieces are all in place. The strategy seems to work against me. The driver is born in the desert. The devil is born in the driver. The camera inside your head recording your dreams and controlling all eyes. Today is the end of the world. Tonight is the dawn of the rapture. No one is saved from the wrath. Worship tomorrow’s master. 666. Everyone help. Come join in. meet your friends. Kill yourself your selfish self. Help me help you. You can’t, can you. You’re weak. Weak minded. Dead inside. Decide. Sidelined. Lines drawn. Drawn blinds. Blind faith. Blind rage. Blown mind. Old age. Die.
Track Name: Succumb
I have succumb to the voice inside my head. Oh god I have no will. I’m back again. A perfect fit, the epitome of sick. Another episode. Believe the myth. On the path to success to get away from the stress. To erase and repress my memories of another life exist. But I cannot recall the way I died. The idle hands of the chosen one are tied. The puppet isn’t free. I guide the wrist on the path to success to get away from the stress. To erase and repress every trace of the mess.